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What if you could eat Naruto?

9/10/09 by DaveB0rt

What if you actually consume Naruto, if he was real? If so, how do you think Naruto would taste like? Sweet, salty, sour, acidic, basic, disgusting, rancid? And if you could havea side dish with it, what would it be?

Who here thinks Naruto is real but just in another world?

What if you could eat Naruto?


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i think he would taste rich and hearty, like a beef stew

i am alone

9/11/09 DaveB0rt responds:

its not murder if its consentual

id rather have AERITH eat me

9/11/09 DaveB0rt responds:

give me your address i want to eat you

on the topic of vore though i wouldnt want to eat naruto

9/12/09 DaveB0rt responds:

why not

dam i hate that saskare

9/11/09 DaveB0rt responds:

He's just misunderstood :W;

ever seen the newgrounds series caruto

9/11/09 DaveB0rt responds:


naruto is real i know it because my friend brought a dead rat back 2 life with chakra

9/11/09 DaveB0rt responds:

think Konoha is part of Japan, where the President of Japan keep it secret so that no intruder there. I want to go there!!! I want ot see NAruto. And all the rest of the cool guys of Konoha



lol my naruto is better.

9/10/09 DaveB0rt responds:




i think naruto taste like a young spring chicken and is very greasy so i woul have some french bread to help eat his greasyness and slide down my throat mmm yum! believe it!

9/10/09 DaveB0rt responds:

french bread???? that sounds like communist talk

RIP 9/11

Also where can I find gay BDSM Naruto pictures?

9/10/09 DaveB0rt responds:

I have plent but my family cant know

I think he would be sweet cus I mean just look at him!!!

9/10/09 DaveB0rt responds:

He looks like a civil child

Oh and Tsunade is HAWT.

9/10/09 DaveB0rt responds:


Naruto is awesome! I wish i could be a ninja.

9/10/09 DaveB0rt responds:

I am a ninja way of the wind mmfcl