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Hello, he is 69 years old. He carries me about 3 times of a range from 3 to 4 minutes each. What was%uFEFF your oldest man which you can ride on? Yours Ralph

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oy Magnet (A one scene play)
by Alex Anders

Scene: The granite walled entrance to the town public library, a sunny summer afternoon. A sixteen year old boy sits on the wall, facing forward and well left of the stairway. He wears burnt yellow pants and t-shirt, the colors don't match exactly, black sneakers no socks, he is well tanned and has close cropped light brown hair. He is writing in a notebook. There are several other people of various ages and genders sitting or standing in the area.

Action: A little old man enters, stage right. He has almost white shoulder length, slightly wavy, very soft hair and a brilliant white, kinky beard, collar length in the Irish manner (cheeks and mouth area shaved). He is wearing light blue trousers, a grey and dark red, vertical striped button-down shirt, a straw, wide brimmed sun hat, dark burnt red sneakers, and black socks. He walks slowly past the boy and several steps beyond. There he stops, looks around as if confused, turns and walks back to the other side of the library entrance. Where the wall indents three feet just prior to the steps the man stops and nimbly hops up planting his bottom on the wall, facing the boy. He looks around, here and there, but comes back to the boy several times. After a couple of minutes the boy notices that the man is looking at him. The man realizes this and after a delay of a few seconds looks away. A minute later the boy closes his notebook, puts away his pen, hops down and approaches the man.

Boy: (without facial expression) Why are you looking at me?

Man: (shy, gentle smile) Sorry. It's not my fault you're beautiful. I had nothing to do with it.

Boy: (slight smile) That's pretty funny.

Man: (impish smile) Thank you.

Boy: (smile) You're kind'a cute yourself. (pause) That's not my fault either.

Man: (wistful smile) I wonder what our parents were thinking when egg and sperm came together?

Boy: (knowing smile) They probably weren't thinking at all.

Man: (no expression) No, probably not.

Action: The man hops down from the wall and makes a "come on" gesture with his head in the direction of stage right. The man and boy exit together, stage right

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